Newest Mobile Office Trailers

Published by Excel Site Rentals on May 23, 2014

Mobile Office Trailers: Excel Site Rentals is proud to offer the latest in location office comfort & convenience, and no need for permits or escorts to deliver. Our 25 foot office trailer is loaded with all of the modern equipment needed to conduct daily operation from any remote location.

This new unit has 40 feet of counter space, numerous file cabinets, and four plug 110 outlets at each of the eight work station, air-conditioning, heat, microwave, refrigerator, and coffee pot as standard equipment.

4G booster

Option packages are available to enhance your specific needs such as 4G signal booster packages. Many remote sites have limited cell signals, we offer antenna systems to amplify local cellular signals. These systems allow for seamless data transfer as well as crystal clear phone reception. Today’s demands to multi-task require real-time communication, just dial up programs such as Go ToMeeting in our office and view stimulation treatments while catching up on other tasks.

Satellite systems

ESR offers satellite systems to handle all of your needs, add an optional satellite package to our office and be connected.

Regardless if you’re remote stay is short term or lengthy, this new standard in mobile office space has you covered. Packed full of space and comfort, yet quick and easy to move, with a very completive price. Sales: (231) 258 5870, Pennsylvania: (540) 742 1291

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