Mini-Vacs, Flow Back & Mixing Tanks

Excel Site Rental has 26 mobile Vac-Units with holding tank sizes from 20-25-45 Barrel sizes. These units are trailer mounted and can be rented with operator or used as a standby unit for work over/ drilling, FRAC and pipeline construction sites. Each unit has a Hydraulic hose reel fitted with up to 300′ of 2″ or 3″ suction hose. Excel is currently manning these units on active Frac sites as a economical alternative to more costly full size vac trucks. Being smaller and trailer mounted with long reach suction hose lengths, these units provide full site coverage and quick response to any type of spills and or fluid transfer options.

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Flow Back Tank

Excel’s portable flow back tank makes flow back’s easy and possible on smaller job sites. Can be easily moved with a pick up truck. Tanks are 100 bbl capacity with dividers and flow back troughs for visually inspecting returns.

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Mixing Tanks

Excel’s mixing tanks have 2 50 bbl compartments with paddles in each compartment that can mix two separate pills at one time or run one sweep at once. Tank is equipped with a hopper for easily mixing backs and runs on it’s own power source.

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Excel has mini vac’s that are used for spill response and/or also used on drill sites for moving fluid around location.

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